About Me

- Hi! My name is Amanda.
- I am 20 years old.
- I am an LPN. 
- I enjoy reading YA books the most, but I will read most any genre.
- I plan to use this blog to share my reviews with the world of readers.
- I LOVE to read. If I could, I would probably spend all day reading. However, I do have to sleep, eat, and go to work. Still, I read whenever I have some free time.
- I also love to watch movies. If a book to movie adaptation comes out for a book that I liked, I will usually go see it. I don't always like the movie, but I do watch it.

If you want to know anything else, just ask.

If you're wondering about the blog title, it is a mix of my love of reading and nursing. Therefore, Books and Band-aids.

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